Corporate branding

MTMT-Corporate-Branding-iconIt’s all about the feeling your customers (and partners) get in connection with your company, product or service.

For example: When somebody mentions “Nike” or “Apple”, how do you feel about these brands? Do you trust them? Are you likely to buy their products? Or not? Would you invest into these companies? Why do you think that is?

We’ll make sure your brand gives a professional, trustworthy vibe and is perceived well within the community of your (potential) customers and general public.

With the correct communication and consistent visuals we’ll help you make a MARK in the MARKet!

Main goals: Sell more, build trust for your brand, look professional

Employer branding

MTMT-Employee-Branding-iconAre you attracting the right staff? If not, your potential employee maybe don’t see what it’s like to work for your company.

You need a proper way of showing your work environment and benefits and just stating that in the recruitment sites isn’t gonna do it.

High quality staffs are going to search the internet to find what your working culture really looks like and they’d want to hear that from actual employees.

Do you have an on-brand Website/Blog filled with interresting informations about the recent news in your industry? A place where your employees can share a different opinions about your firm and current situation in the market?

This is one of the ways to let people know You really care!

Main goals: Attract & hire the best people, make your current staff happier

Employee branding

MTMT-Employer-Branding-iconThis is a process of transforming an “usual employee” to a proud and engaged “Brand Ambassador”, who’s beliefes are aligned with the company vision, mission and purpose. Your employees will become more determined to reflect and present the qualities of your brand on a daily bases among their colleagues and customers.

Main goals: Make your employees feel like they’re a part of a bigger picture + get genuine promotion of the company from your staff