Marketing campaign is a series of coherent steps that lead to your company’s main goal: Bring your products and services in front of your desired audience and close the deal.

The internet marketing works as a complex ecosystem of several steps that need to be thought through both altogether and one by one as well.

Our usual process goes, as shown below.


1. Analysis & Marketing strategy

MTMT-Analysis_Marketing_Strategy-iconFirst we need to determine where your company’s at and how your perfect vision looks like. By a deep market analysis we’ll define the tone of voice which resonates with your customer segment. Simply said we will prepare a detailed roadmap with all necessary actions that needs to be done for each step in the complex process.

We’ll find a way to differentiate yourself from the competitors and make sure your firm becomes customer-attractive!


2. Content marketing & Copywriting

MTMT-Content_Marketing_Copywriting_iconAt this point we’ll all brainstorm. A lot.

You are the experts in your industry, we’ll be your tutors on what type of content sells.


3. Web development & Web design

MTMT-Webdevelopment_Webdesign_iconIf you don’t impress and give your website visitors what they’re looking for in the first 8 seconds, they will continue searching elsewhere.

As studies shown a potential customer wants to be served by all relevant information in the first few seconds and need to immediately understand how he/she can benefit from your product or service.

Impressive, informative & well optimized site is the answer.


4. Social media & Linkbuilding

MTMT-Social_Media_Linkbuilding_iconThere’s no point of having an awesome website that nobody know of. It needs some leads. We know the way of building a community of followers through social media and link sharing.


5. Paid advertising

MTMT-Paid_Advertising_iconPaid ads help drive conversion.

Using specific types of detailed targetting we’ll make sure your products and services are being seen only by the audience relevant for your business. This helps maximize the conversion (i.e. the percentage of paying customers to the overall number of visitors) and minimize the advertising costs at the same time.


6. SEO

MTMT-SEO_search_engine_optimization-iconSearch Engine Optimization is a continuous process of polishing your content and code.

This is very important part which goes side by side throughout all the forementioned steps.

We’ll do an audit of your current website’s posts, articles and images and make them pop-out higher in the search results.